New Loaded Cafe opening restaurant in Bellflower

After serving a range of delicacies to our esteemed food connoisseurs at Gardena and Long Beach, Loaded Café is all geared to bring its lip-smacking treats to Bellflower. As excited as we are to meet our new friends in Bellflower, we just thought that it’ll be sagacious on our end to tell you more about us- who we are, what we serve and why we have emerged as one of the most trusted food partners of foodies across all ages, with diverse palate preferences.

As has been indicated above, New Loaded Café’s menu caters to diverse appetites including hot chicken platters, coffees, cocoas and beverages.

Our Specialties

Chipotle Chicken Mini Wraps, Mexican Platter, Steak Fajita Platter, Chicken Breast Delight, Grilled Tilapia Delight and Chicken Quesadilla make for the special menu. Wings Basket, Chicken Chipotle Ranch and Chicken Strip Basket are also served at great prices.


The beverages are especially recommended by our esteemed clients. The yummy-licious yogurt smoothies, shakes, brewed iced tea, chocolate milk and juices prepared by us have drawn lots of praise from all places.

Other savories include crepes, burgers, sandwiches and delicious pancake combos and French Toast Combos for kids.

At the heart of our success as a premier café (both at Gardena and Long Beach) is our unflagging commitment to serve quality food within the most market-competitive price bracket imaginable.

Why Loaded Café Restaurant in Bellflower?

For over the years, since New Loaded Café has forayed into the restaurant industry, it has consistently been successful in garnering positive reviews – not only for the food served by us but also for the quality of services provided. The endorsements earned by us have come from some of the most passionate foodies and food lovers alike.

Debuting opening a restaurant in Bellflower has been a dream for us since we are well aware of the city’s penchant for good food. Emboldened by our excellent track record in the other two cities in Gardena and Long Beach we are bringing our delicious appetizers, meals and breakfast restaurant specialties to Bellflower.

See you very soon! Our restaurant in bellflower is scheduled to open mid-to end of november more details to come!

if you need more information please contact  714-717-0832

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