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7 Tastiest Breakfast Food Recipes

7 Tastiest Breakfast Food Recipes

By May 11, 2017news

Breakfast is the most important meal we have every day, doctors all over the world stress on having a healthy and heavy breakfast with right nutrients that fuels you through your daily activities. Research says that protein should be an important intake as a part of breakfast, so kiss your quick donuts goodbye and think ‘‘what is a healthy alternate food near me?’’ You must consider on having a healthy breakfast food because it is important to start your bodily functions for every day and there are many breakfast restaurants to serve great food but there is nothing like home cooked food, here are some quick and tasty breakfast ideas:

  1. Cheese-Mushroom Scramble

Eggs are always the shortcut to the protein you need. Scrambled egg is a very easy dish to make for breakfast; all you need to add to the equation is a mushroom. Chop mushrooms and shred some low-fat cheese and add to scrambled eggs and cook till the eggs are firm.

  1. Bacon-Egg-Cheese sandwich

This recipe contains both cheese and bacon which is both yummy and healthy for a perfect breakfast serve. Cook bacon on medium till it is warmed and season the eggs with some salt and pepper and cook till it sets, places the egg on the bacon. Add some goat cheese and tomatoes to the toast and place the bacon and eggs on it, sandwich and eat.

  1. Huevos Rancheros

This is a Mexican breakfast that can be made within five minutes with scrambled eggs or a hard-boiled egg. Add the eggs to a medium sized tortilla add some pepper jack cheese and add two tablespoons of salsa to it. You can also add a slice or two of Canadian cooked bacon.

  1. Oatmeal Berry Pie

Whole-grain oats are a great choice for breakfast; this becomes tastier with some added blackberries. Top 1/3 cup of your favorite berries to your bowl of cooked oats, add a tablespoon of chopped walnuts and a crushed cracker. This makes the oatmeal a tasty food.

  1. Big Breakfast Burrito

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and then wrap the tortillas in foil and place it in the oven to heat it for 10 minutes. Whisk eggs, 2 tbsp water, salt together. Heat oil over a medium-low heat and add the mixture to the skillet and stir till the eggs form a curd. Then stir in cheese till it melts. Take out the tortillas and divide the eggs on to them, add a bit of garlic-pepper sauce to them and roll up.

  1. Salsa Eggs on Toast

This is probably the easiest recipe you can make for a restaurant like breakfast. Just poach an egg and make toasts, add the poached egg over the toasts and add some salsa sauce to the bread and you can add a little-flavoured cheese like Pepper Jack for added taste.

  1. French Nutella Toast

French toast is the love of breakfast table. Just beat some eggs, vanilla, and cinnamon and add milk to it and stir. Once done, dip bread in this mixture and cook it on medium heat till it is golden brown on both sides. Add a lot of Nutella between the pieces and have the sweetest breakfast ever.

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