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Loaded Cafe Restaurant – Bellflower,
15700 Bellflower Blvd
Bellflower CA, 90706

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Monday 7AM–3PM
Tuesday 7AM–3PM
Wednesday 7AM–3PM
Thursday 7AM–3PM
Friday 7AM–3PM
Saturday 7AM–3PM
Sunday 7AM–3PM

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Have you found yourself wandering Bellflower for that perfect place to eat? No need to look any further- try the all original Loaded Cafe! With delicious crepes, pancakes, burgers, and so much more, we promise to deliver a made-to-order meal loaded with fresh ingredients and satisfaction guaranteed! So what are you waiting for? Visit Loaded Cafe Bellflower today!

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Load up on any of our delicious dishes! From sweet and savory crepes to the hallmark chilaquiles that are packed with flavor, visit us in Bellflower today!

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Becky B.
2020-03-08 13:15:12
Crepes are amazing we got the "dulce de leche" couldn't have been more filling and scrumptious. Every bite was sinful, topped with whipped cream bananas and...
kimberlee m.
2020-08-01 11:28:24
Excellent breakfast take out. Highly recommend They Have lots of options and I'd like to order again and try some more dishes.
Courtni A.
2020-08-10 01:32:52
Great place to go eat closes I believe at 4 always try something new l like the salsas on the table some are hot af but still have good flavors
Teresa L.
2020-09-10 15:17:52
I have ordered from here several times. I enjoy my sweets, so I have had the Nutella and Banana Crepes, as well as the Banana Almond Crepes. Both are super...
Frank G.
2020-09-12 14:44:06
This is the best place I've been to service and food are great highly recommend going here
Carolyn G.
2020-09-13 19:28:50
Wow! A couple from church recommended this place and we were totally blown away! I opted for the chilaquilles, breakfast of champs. I asked for red, but...
Danielle K.
2020-10-19 17:16:02
Can we say amazing???My mom wanted to try this place; she heard about it from her coworkers. We both love crepes and we were not disappointed!I got the...
Jenni M.
2020-02-04 21:34:57
***decent brunch chain in Bellflower, CA***Admittedly, I didn't realize Loaded Cafe was a chain before my first ever brunch there on January 17, 2020. I...
Sergio Z.
2020-09-20 20:50:09
A good friend of my from work recommend the Loaded Cafe in Bellflower, he was tell the restaurant serve big portions because he take his family to the...
Sarah K.
2020-10-18 19:53:18
I was intrigued by this place because they serve crepes. I got the crepes combo with the honey lemon sauce for the crepes. They were incredible - light,...
Very comfy aura. Definitely a place where you can just relax and enjoy a nice meal alone or talk with friends/family. There is a kids section in the menu, but even the main "adult" options are inexpensive and just as good as they look on Instagram. Takeout is available if you are on the go. Relaxing music plays in the background while you eat. If you are looking for a place to eat eithee Mexican food or some breakfast this place is recommended.
cindy v
cindy v
08:01 13 Jan 20
2nd time here. This place is great. Will come back to try lots of dishes. Service is great. Only negative is they don't give refills for the strawberry Lemonade.
Ronnae D
Ronnae D
18:57 21 Jan 20
Eat here in Bellflower once a month and I live in SEATTLE! Awesome breakfast menu. "Stackers" is like a build your own scram-bowl. Really nice variety. No bad choices can be made. Supreme combo gives you everything including hash browns and pancakes.
Ken Lindberg
Ken Lindberg
01:00 24 Nov 19
The food is delicious. Especially their desserts. They might have to work on the timing tho. Takes to long to get your food. But worth the wait.😉
Amanda Perez
Amanda Perez
23:26 10 Feb 20
I personally had a better experience during the weekend than on the Tuesday morning I went with my sister. On the weekend, my family arrived around 9am and waited for about 20 min before being seated, there was already quite a lot of people before us but the host let us know he would seat us as soon as possible which was great to feel acknowledged when you're waiting for a long time. As soon as we were seated a very kind and friendly waitress greeted us and took our drink order. She was very quick to bring our drinks and told us she wouldd be ready to take our order when we were. She took our order no later than 10 minutes from sitting down and it came within 15 minutes of ordering. It was well served and we had no problems. Food was great, service was fast, overall a great first experience. BUT later in the week I took my sister and baby nephew on a Tuesday around 10am, We waited for 15 minutes even tho there was clearly an open table by the window. When we were seated the host said a waitress would take our order but never came. Later he too took our food and drink order. Coffee was cold, food came about 40 min after, her dish was missing sour cream and when we asked the waitress she said it was extra. The second cup of coffee tasted very bitter like it was the remaining bottom of the pot. So my recommendation is to go weekends rather than during the week to experience a better quality of service. Either way, they're good choices and combinations are great and would highly recommend giving it a try!
Natalie Ruvalcaba
Natalie Ruvalcaba
21:41 03 Apr 19
Everything was good. I got the pancakes combo. My wife had the crepes combo. I love the salsas.
Rafael Garcia
Rafael Garcia
19:33 02 Mar 20
If you're looking for a solid neighborhood breakfast spot, definitely check Loaded out. I had a steak torta & it was really nice. In conclusion, the service was solid, & I look forward to returning.
Spencer Kahn
Spencer Kahn
07:14 19 Feb 20
Loved the food, really good combinations between American and Mexican food, It works perfectly!Now, we visit while they were fixing the restroom, there was a slightly sewage smell.The costumer service was on point although the waitress was to busy to keep up with us. But is understandable because this place is very busy on sundays.
Vanessa Moran
Vanessa Moran
19:25 07 Apr 19
We like the menu variety and service. Usually find families and some waiting tho be seated.
Warren Hoo
Warren Hoo
17:58 28 Jun 19
Delicious crepes and friendly server. Would definitely recommend and come back
Alexandria Aguilar
Alexandria Aguilar
18:40 15 Jun 20
Was a bit busy but it is Sunday. Overall a great breakfast spot and plenty to choose from on their menu. I ordered the Country Fried Loaded Tatos. Amazing!!!!
Jessica Leyva
Jessica Leyva
19:49 28 Jun 20
I simply enjoyed their dishes. I always get good service here. The place is well organised and the workers are always very welcoming. I highly recommend this place.
Koda Spencer
Koda Spencer
18:12 07 Jul 20
The food was delicious the service was great and it was my birthday and he gave me an ice cream and it was delicious everything in the store was delicious everything !!!!! From Zachary
Claudia Reniff
Claudia Reniff
21:27 24 Jul 20
Good site for breakfast. arrived at seven, it wasn't crowded. i'll return with my friends. it has a great atmosphere.
brantley cortez
brantley cortez
01:43 23 Sep 20
This is awesome the food is really good I really enjoy it especially the Mazapan Crepe they so good. My wife enjoy her Nutella crepe also.
Sergio Zermeno
Sergio Zermeno
21:05 20 Sep 20
It took me 15 mins to eat and i had already told them like 3 times that it was only me to eat and i wanted to eat in there establishment and i ordered there ice coffee vanilla it was good and this veggie quesadilla with avocado which was decent but I wil come again and give them a try again.
vic man8ball
vic man8ball
19:09 24 Sep 20
Food is mix between American and Mexican dishes. Medium size diner.Pre COVID-19 : The wait was a bit long. Come before 9am.During COVID-19 : Dining is open outside. Service was fast and our waitress was very attentive.The ranchero style was spicy tho.
Rosalba Rivas
Rosalba Rivas
18:01 26 Sep 20