Loaded Cafe Restaurant


Loaded Cafe Restaurant – Gardena,
1701 1/2 El Segundo Blvd
Gardena CA, 90249

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Monday 7AM–4PM
Tuesday 7AM–4PM
Wednesday 7AM–4PM
Thursday 7AM–4PM
Friday 7AM–4PM
Saturday 7AM–4PM
Sunday 7AM–4PM

Call Us (323) 777-2760

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Have you found yourself wandering around Gardena for that perfect place to eat? No need to look any further- try the all original Loaded Cafe! With delicious crepes, pancakes, burgers, and so much more, we promise to deliver a made-to-order meal loaded with fresh ingredients and satisfaction guaranteed! So what are you waiting for? Visit Loaded Cafe Gardena today!

loaded cafe

Load up on any of our delicious dishes! From sweet and savory crepes to the hallmark chilaquiles that are packed with flavor, visit us in Gardena today!

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Alma B.
2020-01-16 14:21:25
We always have a great experience here. The food Is always hot, tasty and served in a timely manner The service is always great. Today, in particular, a...
Wendy N.
2020-07-10 13:22:49
Lots of food for the price. Very delicious meals. Fave order is pancakes with almonds and bananas.
Daisy S.
2020-08-04 12:34:22
First time this place out and can definitely say we were satisfied. Food was very yummy
Diana W.
2020-11-19 11:17:18
If you are hungry for a baked potato this is the best loaded potatoes you will find! Thanks for serving our community and providing such great food!
Carlyn R.
2020-11-25 19:17:56
Service is always great. The servers are always welcoming. Food is always on point. Love the sauces.
Yvonne T.
2021-02-07 11:46:18
OMG, so glad we stopped here. Food is really good. And the service was better. Thanks to Lesly we will be going back! She made the experience as good as it...
Angeles C.
2021-02-11 10:43:09
The food is great and the service is too, prices are just a tad high but overall great service.
Jonathan G.
2021-02-13 14:38:39
I'm so happy to see this place is open during COVID-19 time. The food was good, the service was great and price just right!
Beverly B.
2021-02-17 07:52:11
Great atmosphere in this place! The service was outstanding! The Food is delicious and flavorful. Cozy tables outside, just what you need for a good...
Angie T.
2021-05-01 16:16:14
Ordered food for takeout and it was ready sooner than the estimated pickup time. The girls were lovely and provided great service!
Loriann T.
2020-07-27 19:05:45
Great little spot with good food! The were very friendly and got our food out to us quickly. Friendly service and food was perfect to order!
DeAndre G.
2020-06-30 14:57:07
I immediately noticed the surplus of inspirational decor and welcoming atmosphere of Loaded Cafe. The next thing that caught my attention was how efficient...
Fumie H.
2020-08-01 10:35:31
I ordered Strawberry Blueberry Waffle. It was soooo good! The staffs were nice! The Coffee was just ok. They have outdoor seating but unfortunately the...
Val G.
2020-08-10 18:54:58
Had a business call close by here with a couple of vendors and so there is not a lot of options with outside seating. What do you do? Yelp it!This place...
Angela Marlene G.
2020-11-26 23:18:07
I loved the strawberry & blueberry waffle. It was excellent! I have not tasted a better one. I also had the grilled chicken salad, but was a little...
Caes F.
2021-04-02 08:54:51
The eggs were nicely done and the pancakes were really good.The bacon was alright. I really liked how clean the food tasted, especially the potato...
Brenda P.
2021-05-07 20:41:45
Small, mom and pop vibe place located in a small shopping strip mall. Place could use some cosmetic maintenance/upgrades but it was clean. It was pretty...
Absolutely delicious. If you visit Gardenia California, I recommend stopping by! You won't be disappointed
Denise Greenidge
Denise Greenidge
16:57 13 Jun 19
Have enjoyed eating several great food selections and juice bar at El Segundo Blvd. location. Diverse menu. Clam chowder made to order. Service is usually really great. Guess we got a newbie for late lunch today. Disappointment to my guests. Thank goodness they enjoyed their menu selection..
M J Roberts
M J Roberts
13:04 05 Jun 19
This place is a hidden gem. I only call it hidden because when driving you will easily pass it up lol. Once you get there and get settled, you might just have to buckle up again for the wild ride your taste buds are going to go for. The food was incredibly delicious. Here you see I ordered a carne asada chilaquiles stacker and strawberry banana pancakes. I bit into the chilaquiles first and that was such a big mistake. They were so flavorful and kept me wanting more and more, I ended up putting my pancakes to the side. The flavor was so rich but no overpowering it drove my tastebuds insane. Absolute perfection. These were amazing. When I finally made my way to the pancakes, my tastebuds made a right turn and went on another crazy ride of delightful flavor. Easiest rating ever for 10/10
bigtayy25 .
bigtayy25 .
01:22 27 Jul 19
Been curious about this place for some time even though I live down the street. Generally came here for breakfast but ended up with their juicy Heavyweight Cheese Burger. Family friendly and great customer service!
Yaser Idrisi
Yaser Idrisi
14:24 18 Jan 20
This place is worth a visit. They serve large portions for reasonable rates. Regularly clean and with excellent vibes. Will come visit again.
Richard Horsley
Richard Horsley
18:51 03 Mar 20
Went on a Thursday afternoon, the places wasn't pack. I got the biscuits and gravy, the food for sure was really good and had a good varieties of food. Service was good a bit slow but really good
Type Zero
Type Zero
19:51 06 Mar 20
Soooo dang good. Love the French toast and pancakes
Mish Mish
Mish Mish
03:20 03 Mar 20
The service is always superb and the staff is super friendly and always go above and beyond! The food is always on point and seasoned to perfection. The manager Jasmine and waitress Liz & Karen are a blessings, they’re so sweet.
Quin Quintero
Quin Quintero
20:20 19 Jun 20
This place was almost full when we got here. Then we understood why. We had a very good breakfast experience. Portions are good and food is tasty. There's an option for everyone. Staff members were really nice.
Dalila Pina
Dalila Pina
17:46 13 Jun 17
My Mom Sister and Myself went there on Sunday and let me tell you The FOOD WAS GOOD!!
Brandon Shackelford
Brandon Shackelford
19:50 21 Jul 20
GO TO THIS PLACE. You won't be disappointed. I had the strawberry, nutella, and banana crepe with eggs and hash browns. My husband had the chicken burrito and we shared the guacamole. It was all so delicious and fresh. If you enjoy breakfast, you'll love this place. The caramel iced coffee was a little too sweet and the strawberry banana smoothie thing wasn't good lol so maybe skip the specialty drinks and order more food. The service was quick and very kind, the place is nice and clean and casual, and lots of vegetarian options!
Alexis Mercado
Alexis Mercado
03:09 12 Oct 17
I absolutely LOVE this place! The staff is unbelievable and the food is even better.
Grayson Sumby
Grayson Sumby
15:37 13 Sep 20
Need to try them awesome food!!!!!
kim brinkley
kim brinkley
13:31 06 Sep 20
Service took a bit long, but we enjoyed our food. They have a wide variety of breakfast items, will definitely be back.
Emerald C.
Emerald C.
21:44 04 Oct 20
SO GOOD! Presentation could be better but honestly doesn't really matter because the food is awesome. Have outdoor seating, not a lot but when I went on sunday around 1pm the wait was only 15 minutes.
Crista Urena
Crista Urena
03:56 06 Oct 20
Great homemade food. My family and I love it. Best of the Best
Dinora Pineda
Dinora Pineda
22:21 08 Oct 20
Wow wow wow loaded cafe is the place to be for breakfast or lunch! The experience at the moment is not what it can be if it wasnt for COVID-19 but let me tell you ine thing, the food is sooo good! Service was great, food is served hot and its quick. Only complaint is the tables were shaky but thats only because dining is outside. Definetly recommend this place. Check out their menu!
Socal anglers Club
Socal anglers Club
23:42 11 Oct 20
LOVED the Chilaquiles! Service was a little slow but it was a nice, positive environment & the food was absolutely delicious!!! 😁💖
Kyleisha Wiggs
Kyleisha Wiggs
16:01 27 Sep 20
Great food and place for family or friends to get together and grub. Service is always slow though.
Tolbert Panam
Tolbert Panam
05:11 17 Nov 20
Let me start off by saying the pineapple drink was great. It was fresh and not too sweet. The most amazing waffles. I had the berry waffles. They were fresh and crispy. I also tried the classic chicken salad and although I have had beans in my salad before, I've never had rice in my salad. That was a little weird. Other than that, my food was 'made fresh to order.' You could taste the quality, even in the ranch dressing. Prompt service and clean.
When your craving home cooked breakfast but don't feel like cooking it.Try loaded cafe they have everything and their chilaquiles are 🔥
shaqueita baker
shaqueita baker
16:59 02 Dec 20
The Cafe Restaurants is THE BEST! First time we are here and we are coming back for sure, Wednesday is Wine Wednesday all bottles half off! See you Wednesday .
Chelsea Marshall
Chelsea Marshall
08:03 21 Jan 21
OMG, so glad we stopped here. Food is really good. And the service was better. Thanks to Lesly we will be going back! She made the experience as good as it was. If you're in the area, I highly recommend you stoping in to the Loaded Kitchen Cafe! Soo good!!! 😋 Thank you Lesly
Yvonne Teagardin
Yvonne Teagardin
19:48 07 Feb 21
This place is amazing! French toast is to die for!!! Liz was awesome, very sweet! I’ll definitely be back.
Michele Meyer
Michele Meyer
18:33 15 Feb 21
Fantastic breakfast menu, the strawberry banana pancakes were fire. I had the classic bacon/egg/hashbrown & pancakes combo. All the ingredients were fresh, the pancakes were soft and the syrup was sweet, over all great experience.
Rhythm MasterMindMexica
Rhythm MasterMindMexica
00:36 04 Mar 21
I highly recommend this place!My family and I enjoyed and loved our breakfasts this morning.The food was very fresh and the taste on point.The staff is very friendly, Welcoming.Even thought they all have on their masks, you can see their smiles throught their eyes.Maria and Ron, received us at the door and both were very professional and polite.Our server was very nice.Sorry, my bad I forgot her name.They are following all Covid-19 rules and regulations.The staff is keeping the cleanness of the the place is on point as well.We had not been here in a while, way before the pandemic started.We had, had a couple of bad experiences.I think some changes have been made, but for the BEST!We are glad we came back!
19:33 06 Mar 21
The place is well-lit during the day, and the couches are very comfortable. I expressed my gratitude to your staves for their courteous treatment and prompt service of my orders.
Fay McNew
Fay McNew
13:15 15 Mar 21