Loaded Cafe Restaurant

Santa Ana (First Street)

Loaded Cafe Restaurant – Santa Ana (First Street)
451 E First St. Suite B
Santa Ana CA, 92701

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Monday 7AM–8PM
Tuesday 7AM–8PM
Wednesday 7AM–8PM
Thursday 7AM–8PM
Friday 7AM–8PM
Saturday 7AM–8PM
Sunday 7AM–8PM

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Have you found yourself wandering around First Street in Santa Ana for that perfect place to eat? No need to look any further- try the all original Loaded Cafe! With delicious crepes, pancakes, burgers, and so much more, we promise to deliver a made-to-order meal loaded with fresh ingredients and satisfaction guaranteed! So what are you waiting for? Visit Loaded Cafe Santa Ana on First Street today!

loaded cafe
Santa Ana First Street

Load up on any of our delicious dishes! From sweet and savory crepes to the hallmark chilaquiles that are packed with flavor, visit us on First Street in Santa Ana today!

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Bruce K.
2020-02-21 14:14:52
One The Best places for Breakfast And Lunch Dinner I was the for dinner and I have a great breakfast plate yummmm Great Service we will come back
Isis C.
2020-06-17 10:13:07
I love loaded cafe, everything I have ever order is delicious. I'm never disappointed with my food selection.
Dustin B.
2020-03-12 09:10:47
So far so good! Their regular menu prices are a little high but so are the portion sizes. And, they just introduced a Value Menu with everything on it 6.99....
Julie N.
2020-08-10 07:46:36
First time here. It was fantastic eating outside on their makeshift COVID patio dining. Our server was Brisa and she was very pleasant and attentive. The...
Abby S.
2020-08-31 15:31:56
First time here for brunch. The food was SO good and all the servers were very friendly and attentive. I got French toast which was so fluffy and thick....
Sonthi B.
2020-09-22 23:28:13
My husband and I are visiting LA CALIFORNIA but we've rented a AIR BNB in Santa Ana. After getting my coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. My husband said babe,...
Rebecca G.
2020-11-08 20:22:54
Went to breakfast with a few friends earlier today, this spot was close to us and we're glad we stopped by! We got seated pretty fast and got greeted right...
William M.
2021-03-14 11:50:17
Best place for any kind of food breakfast lunch and dinner and now it's open to dine in the people very fast thanks lisbett
Monique B.
2021-04-16 12:01:58
If you want a place to eat the best Crepes, Loaded Cafe is the place! Their Dulce De Leche is the best!
Gael R.
2021-05-10 18:36:18
Today I decided to get loaded Café for Saturday morning breakfast. This was my first time acquiring food from this establishment. So I decided to call in...
Massiel J.
2021-05-05 13:51:30
Love love loved this place ! They have a large selection on their menu and the food was delicious and made from scratch! Also they have an amazing waiter...
Ab R.
2021-06-29 08:14:58
Place was recommended by wife. Did an oil change at Walmart and while I waited I came here. Food was great and service was fast. Will definitely come back...
Carrie J.
2021-06-08 13:40:12
The food here is awesome. The employees are so nice and helpful. Really clean restaurant. Very much recommended.
Michael H.
2020-07-24 15:50:18
Food is a little wet and greasy, but very friendly staff, reasonable prices, and food is still good. Definitely a good choice to eat
Sokha B.
2020-09-12 08:51:21
Been here a few times during the panademic,Santa Ana and Long Beach (1x). Love that this location has a huge outdoor seating. Wait has always been short...
Diana G.
2021-05-08 10:52:42
Good service by Lizbeth friendly and very attentive. Good food. Great experience all around.
Andrea M.
2021-05-15 09:16:09
Husband and I decided to try this near our home. They "offer" a 20% off your first online order- the menu online doesn't isn't the same menu as you see on...
The menu has a cross between American and Latin (mostly Mexican flavored foods). From Eggs Benedict, to omelettes, to chilaquiles, steak or burgers. The menu can be a bit over whelming. You just have to stick to your guns and pick your first choice. Once you start visiting the place more you can venture out to other menu items, which I have done but I have not been disappointed yet.
Ethan Byrom
Ethan Byrom
12:43 11 Apr 20
I went on a Saturday morning at 7 a.m right when they opened. Although the food was a bit pricey it was worth it in my opinion. I would recommend it. I ordered my breakfast and it was served in no time. I wasn't expecting them to be this fast. So far good customer service and I got what I expected. Keep up the good work!!!
Adrian Escobar
Adrian Escobar
16:08 16 Feb 19
First time that we came to eat. We order the French toast strawberry and banana it was great. But the service of the female server needs better interaction with customers on the way of offering stuff. She needs more enthusiasm she looked all down,sad like not wanting to be there. Definitely coming back .
Kathy Brito
Kathy Brito
20:16 17 Jan 20
Best damn breakfast ever. The waffles are light and fluffy. Forget Dennys and Norms. Come to this place instead. My new breakfast spot.
Joey Nicks
Joey Nicks
23:07 07 Mar 19
Their Nutella waffles are amazing as is their chicken burger. Every time I come here I try something different and I keep finding new favorites. I think the food is cheap and above all, tasty.
Luis Rod
Luis Rod
01:48 30 Jul 18
Finest food, super friendly employees, constantly great vibes. They charge convenient rates and the food quality is awesome. Great work.
G Ortega
G Ortega
18:41 14 May 20
From Eggs Benedict, to omelettes, to chilaquiles, steak or burgers. The menu can be a bit over whelming. You just have to stick to your guns and pick your first choice. Once you start visiting the place more you can venture out to other menu items, which I have done but I have not been disappointed yet. The location is very urban but the interior is new so it is very comfortable in the restaurant.
Taylor Wittick
Taylor Wittick
16:46 19 May 20
This place is my preferred one. I go to plenty of restaurants but to this one I go the most. The crew is very receptive and the cooking they cook is so fresh and tasty. I am always happy to have a decent dinner in this restaurant. Highly recommended.
Braylin Jaques
Braylin Jaques
18:39 19 May 20
I have a year going to this place and i love it... Better than Norms ,Denny's and I hop... Always fresh food and tasty 😋.. Planing to go for father's day 👌
Jackie Laura
Jackie Laura
12:58 21 Jun 20
Great food! I was impressed. Great service as well. Worth the money
John Tenorio
John Tenorio
17:00 29 Aug 20
If I could give them more stars I would! The food was outstanding!!! This was American and Mexican cuisine infusion at its finest. I would have taken more pictures but everyone dug into their food immediately. More importantly the service was above exceptional the servers made every accommodation necessary, our drinks were never empty, they were constantly checking on us, the food came out hot and in a timely manner. Bathrooms were clean. The atmosphere was very family friendly and chill. This experience was the best I have had. It was the best of both worlds, food and service.
leslie cruz
leslie cruz
19:14 13 Sep 20
So I have to tell you about this restaurant I found today I can honestly say this is the most amazing breakfast I think I've ever had in public the portions were fantastic the service was greeting and just amazing the cost perfect I'm not sure why they have not advertised more I recommend this place for someone to try and I promise you we will keep going back this place is food is absolutely to die for
Kitty McGregor
Kitty McGregor
00:59 09 Oct 20
🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 Super delicious food. Indoor dining available, and the servers are very attentive and professional. New favorite brunch place.
Gabriela Ramirez
Gabriela Ramirez
00:03 13 Nov 20
We came in early and they set up a heater for us. Really good food and service
Robert Rosales
Robert Rosales
05:05 02 Dec 20
I have been here several times over the past couple years and I adore this place! The mood is always nice (I love the music they play) and the servers are really great. On top of this, the food is delicious! It may take some time to come out, especially if it’s a large order, but it’s always hot and freshly made! They are currently complying with COVID-19 measures, but that doesn’t change their service. One thing to note is that it is located in a plaza on First street and it’s usually a busy street/parking lot.
Karla Pena
Karla Pena
22:42 02 Dec 20
I visit this place a lot since I work close by. I like how their service is always awesome and they keep the spot well organized regularly. Rates are affordable and they serve big portions.
Raul Borges
Raul Borges
16:41 30 Dec 20
Excellent food for a fair price. The waitresses are kind, fun, and attentive, and the chef deserves the highest of praise.I had their strawberry-banana french toast combo and they added nutella at no extra charge.The menu is also quite extensive; breakfast and lunch have all the clasics you'd expect, plus a few surprises. [Cactus on eggs? It must be a cultural thing, because it caught me off-guard!]If I had any small complaints, it's that they don't yet offer squeeze bottles for ketchup [mini packets just aren't enough], and there are no free refills on orange juice.Neither complaint is enough to shake the 5-star rating they've earned from me, though.Definitely worth the trip; and as of this review, they offer dine-in!A big warm meal is one of the best ways to start the day.And these meals are big enough to easily last up till late lunch or dinner.Highly recommended!
17:21 16 Mar 21
I'm in love with the strawberry-pinepple smoothie and the light spinach stackers. Ask for the orange salsa, it's hot and so good!
Vania Hunter
Vania Hunter
17:31 18 Mar 21
The food and service were beyond our expectations. We truly liked the environment of this restaurant. Amazing restaurant to take the family out for dinner.
Thaddeus Bennett
Thaddeus Bennett
20:53 01 Apr 21
Great food. Service not so much wanting to go back for it. Friendly server just waited way too long for food and drinks.
marisol garcia
marisol garcia
21:17 05 May 21
Omg this place is so good! They need more than 5 stars! I ordered the Nutella crepes and they were so good super moist not to much Nutella so it was the perfect balance of fruit and Nutella. My husband has the churo crepes he loved them and my little one had the Mac and cheese and she finished the whole bowl! Not only is the food great but the customer service is amazing to! I believe our waitress was Yusly she was great! Definitely coming back again we decided that was going to be our spot now lol 😊
Brandy Rodriguez
Brandy Rodriguez
17:31 18 Mar 21
Great place to eat Breakfast.Good amount of serving with great prices.
Jess H
Jess H
21:20 08 Jun 21
They had good service on my day after we had not been here since covid-19 struck.
Erika Rosales
Erika Rosales
03:46 21 Jul 21
I come in from Out of town and stop by every now and then at this location and im never disappointed.. always friendly service and food is good!
Eric Mendoza
Eric Mendoza
02:21 27 Jul 21