Loaded Cafe Restaurant

Santa Ana (McFadden Ave)

Loaded Cafe Restaurant – Santa Ana (McFadden Ave),
3760 W McFadden Ave A
Santa Ana, CA, 92704

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All locations are individually owned and operated.

Operating Hours

Monday 7AM–10PM
Tuesday 7AM–10PM
Wednesday 7AM–10PM
Thursday 7AM–10PM
Friday 7AM–10PM
Saturday 7AM–10PM
Sunday 7AM–10PM

Call Us (657) 266-0891

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Have you found yourself wandering around Santa Ana for that perfect place to eat? No need to look any further- try the all original Loaded Cafe! With delicious crepes, pancakes, burgers, and so much more, we promise to deliver a made-to-order meal loaded with fresh ingredients and satisfaction guaranteed! So what are you waiting for? Visit Loaded Cafe Santa Ana breakfast restaurant today!

loaded cafe
santa ana mcfadden

Load up on any of our delicious dishes! From sweet and savory crepes to the hallmark chilaquiles that are packed with flavor, visit us in Santa Ana on McFadden Ave today!

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The food and atmosphere lives up to the reviews. Although we had bar seating, it was quite entertaining to watch the chefs make our dishes. Originally, we considered ordering the squid ink salad, but after watching the chefs make it for other tables, we went with the gem salad for more variety.
Phil Brantley
Phil Brantley
05:46 07 Feb 20
Came to eat with my uncle, I had Parmesan chicken sourdough sandwich with fries very good love the cheese, my uncle had the veggie platter with broccoli eggs, bell peppers and fries. This spot has a bunch of variety of food, burgers, crepes, breakfast. Not a bad spott to eat if you don’t know what you want.
Eddie Hernandez
Eddie Hernandez
03:55 30 Jan 20
Torta is outstanding. Seared sirloin seasoned to perfection. I mean it the seasoning really comes through. Beans and and egg on top of perfectly cook steak. Very tasty. My only gripe is prices. Its a bit pricey but still worth it. I also love the waffles,crepes and milkshakes. They do offer good prices on desert style breakfast.
14:40 06 Oct 19
Very good establishment, delicious food, and excellent staff. If it wasn't so far from where I live this would be a place I go to regularly. Great!
Tavi Scratch
Tavi Scratch
20:23 09 Feb 20
I was looking for a good place with brunch and I absolutely loved everything I tried here. My Chilaquiles was delicious! I was extremely impressed with the unique take on one of my favorite Latin breakfast dishes. We were also recommended the broccolini and it was one of the best I've had.
Murphy Roussel
Murphy Roussel
04:42 05 Feb 20
I believe the food is good .. I can't tasted much since I been sick .. my daughter and my other half said there food is good they ate it all . I just want to say is if your going to put onion rings on the burgers make sure people can really see it I have to open my burger to find three tiny small onion rings almost the same size as Burger King. Especially since people are paying 9.99 for it .
Robyn Weissman
Robyn Weissman
00:52 17 Feb 20
First time coming here with my family after getting bored Norms and Dennys lol It was really good! Definitely had flavor and the waffles were so good! Best waffles I've had by far! So soft yet slightly crisp. Yumm! I like their salsa, definitely spicy but good! My favorite is the green. Can't wait to go back with the family.
Ivonne Martinez
Ivonne Martinez
18:57 12 Apr 19